The Faculty of Nursing sincerely believes that we are preparing the future of nursing and that our graduates are shaping the future of professional nursing practice. We provide comprehensive education to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing care environment. Our students embrace collaboration and go on to have careers as leaders, practitioners, or researchers. Serving the community and the betterment of society are core values that we impress upon our students, staff, and faculty members. As a result, both faculty and students are engaged in research that adds to our understanding of health promotion and illness prevention, human responses to illness, and systems of care that facilitate better patient outcomes.
Join us in changing our world for the better by enrolling in our Bachelor of Nursing Science Apply Now, Master of Nursing Science Apply Now or Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science program Apply Now. We also have postmaster, postdoctoral and visiting scholar opportunities.

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The Faculty of Nursing was established over 50 years ago. Following World War II, only two medical schools existed in Thailand at the Bangkok-based University of Medical Science (now Mahidol University). In 1956, the Thai cabinet approved the establishment of a new medical school, to include a nursing division, in Chiang Mai Province to improve health care and medical services in rural Thailand. In 1959, a nursing division within the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital was first established in Bangkok. In 1960 the Faculty of Medicine, including the Nursing Division, moved to Chiang Mai and became the first medical school established outside the capital. The first practical nurse program began in 1960, followed with a diploma program in 1961. A bachelor of nursing science program was established in 1966, a master of nursing science program in 1986, and a doctor of philosophy program in 1997.

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The Faculty of Nursing Chiang Mai University has international agreements with over 40 universities and colleges on 4 continents. We appreciate working with universities and colleges in other countries, as we are better able to improve our nursing practices and teachings.
The Faculty of Nursing Chiang Mai University has over 4,500 alumni in over 18 countries. We take pride in being a world-renowned university with internationally recognized alumni working in all levels of nursing.


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