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The Faculty of Nursing is recognized nationally as a leader in research and its skilled researchers strive to find and create solutions to address the health issues that face our society today. Our researchers are increasingly publishing in international journals in an effort to maximize the reach and impact of their research and findings. Thai-language publications are an important source of information for practitioners in Thailand and our researchers aim to publish in both arenas.

Publication Year 2018 : 104 items

Machin, A., Ngamsuoy, A.(2018). Collaborative Child Home Accidental Injury Prevention: An Action Research Study. Nursing and Health Sciences, 20(2), 206-213 Pubid = 577
Namprom, N., Picheansathian, W., Jintrawet, U., Chotibang, J.(2018). Maternal Participation Program for Enhancing Growth and Neurodevelopment of Very and Moderately preterm infants: A case study. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology, 15(6), 1-5 Pubid = 678
Chotibang, J., Jintrawet, U., Kiatwattanacharoen, S., Sarakorn, J., Sarakorn, J.(2018). Social Capital Role in Potential Development of Child Development Center: A case study of Wat Prom Wihan Child Development Center, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province. Journal of community development and life quality, 6(2), 1-21 Pubid = 994
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Wongsuwan, J., Aungwattana, S., Boonchieng, W.(2018). Development of Caregiver Capacity by Community Participation in Screening for Dementia among Older Persons. Nursing Journal, 45(supplement), 1-10 Pubid = 1169
Assawapalanggool, S., Kasatpibal, N., Sirichotiyakul, S., Arora, R., Suntornlimsiri, W., Apisarnthanarak, A.(2018). The efficacy of ampicillin compared with ceftriaxone on preventing cesarean surgical site infections: An observational prospective cohort study. ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE AND INFECTION CONTROL , 7(), 13-13 Pubid = 1374
Namprom, N., Picheansathian, W., Jintrawet, U., Chotibang, J.(2018). The effect of maternal participation in preterm's care and improved short-term growth and neurodevelopment outcomes. Journal of Neonatal Nursing, 24(4), 196-202 Pubid = 1375
Sun, Y., Stone, T., Yang, B., Petrini, M., McMillan, M.(2018). Translation and Adaptation of a Nursing Swearing Impact Questionnaire Into Chinese. JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC NURSES ASSOCIATION, 24(3), 260-269 Pubid = 1376
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Juntasopeepun, P., Thana, K.(2018). Parental acceptance of HPV vaccines in Chiang Mai, Thailand. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 142(3), 343-348 Pubid = 1380
Abhicharttibutra, K., Wichaikhum, O., Kunaviktikul, W., Nantsupawat, A., Nantsupawat, R.(2018). Occupancy rate and adverse patient outcomes in general hospitals in Thailand: A predictive study. Nursing and Health Sciences, 20(3), 387-393 Pubid = 1381
Cao , R., Stone, T., Petrini, M., Turale, S.(2018). Nurses' perceptions of health beliefs and impact on teaching and practice: a Q-sort study. International Nursing Review, 65(1), 131-144 Pubid = 1382
Yang, B., Stone, T., Petrini, M., Morris, D.(2018). Incidence, Type, Related Factors, and Effect of Workplace Violence on Mental Health Nurses: A Cross-sectional Survey. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 32(1), 31-38 Pubid = 1383
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Rattanakanlaya, K., Sukonthasarn, A., Wangsrikhun, S., Chanprasit, C.(2018). Flood disaster preparedness experiences of hospital personnel in Thailand: A qualitative study. Australasian Emergency Care, 21(3), 87-92 Pubid = 1385
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Thiamwong, L., Pungchompoo, W.(2018). Embedding Palliative Care Into Healthy Aging: A Narrative Case Study From Thailand. Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing, 20(4), 416-420 Pubid = 1388
Machin, A., Ngamsuoy, A., Pearson, P.(2018). Collaborative child home injury prevention in Thailand: An action research study. Nursing and Health Sciences, 20(2), 206-213 Pubid = 1390
Li, T., Petrini, M., Stone, T.(2018). Baccalaureate nursing students' perspectives of peer tutoring in simulation laboratory, a Q methodology study. Nurse Education Today, 61(), 235-241 Pubid = 1391
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Meemajam, S., Somrarnyart, M., Tachaudomdach, C.(2018). Functional Status, Anxiety and Depression among Persons with Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrilltor. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 26-36 Pubid = 1436
Techakampholsarakit, L., Kantaruksa, K., Sansiriphun, N.(2018). Interventions to Promote Anemia Prevention among Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 62-74 Pubid = 1437
Lamchang, S., Suklerttrakul, T., Junpunyaskool, O., Lamchang, P.(2018). Perception of Illness among Caregivers of Children with Acute Illness and Related Factors. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 75-86 Pubid = 1438
Chiangpiew, N., Boonchieng, W., Aungwattana, S.(2018). Effects of Participatory Learning Regarding Stroke Prevention on Knowledge and Self-efficacy among Village Health Volunteers. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 87-99 Pubid = 1439
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Yimyam, S.(2018). Galactagogue Herbs. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 133-145 Pubid = 1442
Chitreecheur, J., Kasatpibal, N.(2018). Development of an Electronic Book on Prevention of Multidrug Resistance Organisms Transmission for Registered Nurses. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 146-158 Pubid = 1443
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Meena, N., Suthakorn, W.(2018). The Effectiveness of the Life Skill Promoting Program and Family Participation on Life Skills Development and Intention to Quit Using Illicit Drug among Juvenile Under Supervision by the Venue of Youth Observation and Protection. Nursing Journal, 45(2), 88-98 Pubid = 1450
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