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Publication Output

The Faculty of Nursing is recognized nationally as a leader in research and its skilled researchers strive to find and create solutions to address the health issues that face our society today. Our researchers are increasingly publishing in international journals in an effort to maximize the reach and impact of their research and findings. Thai-language publications are an important source of information for practitioners in Thailand and our researchers aim to publish in both arenas.

Publication Year 2019 : 160 items

Namprom, N., Picheansathian, W., Jintrawet, U., Chotibang, J.(2019). Maternal participation program for enhancing growth and neurobehavioral development of very and moderately preterm infants: A case study. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology, 16(8), 523-533, Abstract
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Rhiantong, J., Malathum, P., Monkong, S., McCauley, K., Viwatwongkasem, C., Kuanprasert, S.(2019). Outcomes of an Advanced Practice Nurse-Led Continuing Care Program in People with Heart Failure. Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research, 23(1), 32-46, Abstract
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Seesawang, J., Bowers, B., Sansiriphun, N.(2019). Developing personal sense of risk: a grounded theory in men with hypertension. International Nursing Review, 66(2), 290-298, Abstract
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Gaalan, K., Kunaviktikul, W., Akkadechanunt, T., Wichaikhum, O., Turale, S.(2019). Factors predicting quality of nursing care among nurses in tertiary care hospitals in Mongolia. International Nursing Review, 66(2), 176-182, Abstract
Tonkuriman, A., Sethabouppha, H., Thungjaroenkul, P., Kittirattanapaiboon, P.(2019). A Causal Model of Binge Drinking Among University Students in Northern Thailand. Journal of Addictions Nursing, 30(1), 14-23, Abstract
Tanasirijiranont, R., Kantaruksa, K., Sansiriphun, N., Jordan, P.(2019). A Grounded Theory of Becoming a First-time Father due to a High Risk Pregnancy. Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research, 23(2), 118-130, Abstract
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Viseskul, N., Nantsupawat, A., Tachaudomdach, C., Fongkaew, W., Sriteerajit, G.(2019). Developing an electronic logbook to monitor progress for international doctoral students in Thailand: A pilot study. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology, 16(1), 47-54, Abstract
Boonchieng, W., Tuanrat, W., Aungwattana, S., Tamdee, D., BUDDA, D., Budda, D.(2019). Development of a Community-based Geographic Health Information System via Mobile Phone in Saraphi District. Journal of Computers V, 30(2), 84-92, Abstract
Posaen, R., Chareonsanti, J., Supavititpatana, B.(2019). Pregnancy-Specific Stress, Social Support, and Coping among Gestational Diabetic Women. Journal of Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Bangkok, 35(1), 59-70, Abstract
Akter, M., Yimyam, S., Chareonsanti, J., Tiansawad, S.(2019). Factors Predicting Adequacy of Prenatal Care among Pregnant Women in Bangladesh. Journal of Midwifery, Women Health And Gynaecological Nursing, 1(2), 9-16, Abstract
Polprasarn, P., Chareonsanti, J., Sriarporn, P.(2019). Pregnancy Risk Perception, Time of Pregnancy Recognition, and First Antenatal Care Visit of Adolescent Pregnant Women. Kuakarun Journal of Nursing, 26(1), 107-120, Abstract
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Jamsangtong, M., Lertwatthanawilat, W., Unahalekhaka, A.(2019). Implementation of Multidrug Resistant BacteriaTransmission Prevention Among Regional Hospitals. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 83-94, Abstract
Saiaut, S., Akkadechanunt, T., Chontawan, R.(2019). Situational Analysis of Primary Nursing, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit 2, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 120-130, Abstract
Phrodcharoen, M., Na, M., Phornphibul, P.(2019). Predicting Factors of Uncertainty in Illness among Persons with Colorectal Cancer. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 164-175, Abstract
Khowtong, W., Sukonthasarn, A., Wangsrikhun, S.(2019). Effectiveness of Caring for Acute Critically Ill Patients Based on Family-Centered Care Concept in the Emergency Department. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 176-187, Abstract
Kardosod, A., Kardosod, A., Phornphibul, P., Yothayai, C.(2019). Effects of an Empowerment Program on Sense of Mastery and Severity of Osteoarthritis in Persons with Knee Osteoarthritis. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 188-198, Abstract
Sriboonyawattana, N., Niyomkar, S., Mesukko, J., Suklerttrakul, T., Aree, P., Sarakorn, J., Sarakorn, J.(2019). Developing of an Interactive Web-based Learning Medias on Pediatric Nursing Skills for Student Nurses. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 199-209, Abstract
Zhang, L., Thungjaroenkul, P., Chitpakdee, B.(2019). Perceived Leader-Member Exchange and Patient Safety Culture among Nurses in Tertiary Hospitals, Kunming, the People’s Republic of China. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 210-223, Abstract
Muhamad, S., Sucamvang, K., Yothayai, C.(2019). Dietary Behavior, Perceived Benefits and Barriers Among Persons Undergone Urinary Tract Stone Removal. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 224-236, Abstract
Siripattarakul, C., Rattanadumrongaksorn, N., Sngounsiritham, U.(2019). Use of Scenario based High-Fidelity Human Simulation for Nursing Laws and Ethics Teaching. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 237-245, Abstract
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Noonsub, K., Baosoung, C., Sansiriphun, N.(2019). Stress, Fatigue, and Postpartum Functional Status Among Mothers with Cesarean Section. Nursing Journal, 46(1), 30-39, Abstract
Khamaurai, N., Sansiriphun, N., Kantaruksa, K.(2019). Fathers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Involvement in Breastfeeding. Nursing Journal, 46(1), 40-48, Abstract
Samerchua, W., Phornphibul, P., Sittisombut, S.(2019). Good Death as Perceived by Cancer Survivors. Nursing Journal, 46(1), 49-61, Abstract
Promton, M., Wangsrikhun, S., Sukonthasarn, A.(2019). Effect of Using Computer Assisted Instruction for Emergency Department Triage on Nurses’ Triage Accuracy. Nursing Journal, 46(1), 62-71, Abstract
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