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The Faculty of Nursing is recognized nationally as a leader in research and its skilled researchers strive to find and create solutions to address the health issues that face our society today. Our researchers are increasingly publishing in international journals in an effort to maximize the reach and impact of their research and findings. Thai-language publications are an important source of information for practitioners in Thailand and our researchers aim to publish in both arenas.

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Sinthanayothin, C., Bholsithi, W., Gansawat, D., Wongwaen, N., Xuto, P., Ratisoontorn , N.,... , Charoensiriwath, S.(2020). Simulation of three-dimensional female body shapes with proportional representation for various weights and heights. Simulation, 96(11), 851-866, Abstract
Aree, P., Suthakorn, W., Unahalekhaka, A.(2019). Development of a Community-Based Communication Program for Prevention and Control of Zoonotic Diseases. Christian University Jornal, 25(1), 19-31, Abstract
Sripetchwandee, N., Sripetchwandee, J., Chattipakorn, S., Chattipakorn , N.(2015). Effects of Pparγ Agonist on Heart Rate Variability and Cardiac Mitochondrial Function in Obese-Insulin Resistant Rats. International journal of cardiology , 201(), 121-122, Abstract
Sripetchwandee, N., Pratchayasakul, W., Sripetchwandee, J., Chattipakorn , N., Chattipakorn, S.(2014). Dpp-4 Inhibitor and Pparγ Agonist Restore the Loss of Ca1 Dendritic Spines in Obese Insulin-Resistant Rats. Archives of medical research, 45(7), 547-552, Abstract
Sripetchwandee, N., Pintana, H., Pratchayasakul, W., Chattipakorn , N., Chattipakorn, S.(2013). Dpp4‐Inhibitor Improves Neuronal Insulin Receptor Function, Brain Mitochondrial Function and Cognitive Function in Rats with Insulin Resistance Induced by High‐Fat Diet Consumption. European Journal of Neuroscience , 37(5), 839-849, Abstract

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