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The Faculty of Nursing is recognized nationally as a leader in research and its skilled researchers strive to find and create solutions to address the health issues that face our society today. Our researchers are increasingly publishing in international journals in an effort to maximize the reach and impact of their research and findings. Thai-language publications are an important source of information for practitioners in Thailand and our researchers aim to publish in both arenas.

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Boonchieng, W., Settheekul, ., Fongkaew, W., Chouvatut, V., Boonchieng, E.(2020). Development of a Web-based Sexual Risk Behavior Prevention Database with the Benefit of 4G LTE by Using Community Participation. Journal of Internet Technology, 21(2), 543-554, Abstract
C. Locsin, R., Andrew Pepito, J., Juntasopeepun, P., E. Constantino, R.(2020). Transcending human frailties with technological enhancements and replacements: Transhumanist perspective in nursing and healthcare. Nursing Inquiry, (), 0-0, Abstract
Phasuworrawattnanakul, N., Boonchieng, W., Aungwattana, S.(2020). Development of Northern Thai Food Preparation Knowledge Packagefor Persons with Diabetes Mellitus. Nursing Journal, 47(2), 98-110, Abstract
Yimyam, S., Suphan-udom, N.(2020). Development of a Multimedia Electronic book: The Clinical Practice Manual on Breastfeeding Promotion for International Nursing Students. Nursing Journal, 47(3), 84-96, Abstract
Yimkosol, S., Lertwatthanawilat, W., Boonchieng, E., Boonchieng, W.(2020). Development of Smartphone Application in Preventing Infection for Caregivers of Children with Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy. Nursing Journal, 47(3), 192-203, Abstract
Khunwittaya, P., Thungjaroenkul, P., Nantsupawat, A.(2020). Development of Patient Positioning Electronic Book For Nurse Anesthetists. Nursing Journal, 47(3), 339-350, Abstract
Viseskul, N., Nantsupawat, A., Tachaudomdach, C., Fongkaew, W., Sriteerajit, G.(2019). Developing an electronic logbook to monitor progress for international doctoral students in Thailand: A pilot study. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology, 16(1), 47-54, Abstract
Boonchieng, W., Tuanrat, W., Aungwattana, S., Tamdee, D., BUDDA, D., Budda, D.(2019). Development of a Community-based Geographic Health Information System via Mobile Phone in Saraphi District. Journal of Computers V, 30(2), 84-92, Abstract
Suebsaen, K., Suksatit, B., Kanha, N., Laokuldilok, T.(2019). Instrumental characterization of banana dessert gels for the elderly with dysphagia. Food Bioscience, 32(), 1-8, Abstract
Thinnukool, O., Khuwuthyakorn, P., Wientong, P., Suksatit, B., Waisayanand, N.(2019). Type 2 Diabetes Mobile Application for Supporting for Clinical Treatment: Case Development Report. International Journal of Online Engineering, 15(2), 21-38, Abstract
Siripattarakul, C., Rattanadumrongaksorn, N., Sngounsiritham, U.(2019). Use of Scenario based High-Fidelity Human Simulation for Nursing Laws and Ethics Teaching. Nursing Journal, 46(2), 237-245, Abstract
Payuk, K., Picheansathian, W., Viseskul, N.(2019). Implementation of Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement Strategies in Government Hospitals. Nursing Journal, 46(3), 1-13, Abstract
Panuthai, S., Tachaudomdach, C., Srirat, C., Theeraumpon, N.(2019). Development of “Kratib Kao” for Controlling Food Consumption in Persons with Diabetes. Nursing Journal, 46(3), 94-105, Abstract
Abhicharttibutra, K., Sngounsiritham, U.(2019). Teaching Skills of Nursing Instructor in Using High Fidelity Simulation Scenario. Nursing Journal, 46(4), 202-210, Abstract
Manapattanasatien, T., Chitreecheur, J., Kasatpibal, N.(2018). Development of an Electronic Book on Prevention of Multidrug Resistance Organisms Transmission for Registered Nurses. Nursing Journal, 45(1), 146-158, Abstract
Yimyam, S., Sansiriphun, N., Chaloumsuk, N.(2018). Developing a vaginal exam simulation box for labor progression assessment training. Nursing Journal, 45(3), 83-96, Abstract
Tantranont, K., Suriyawong, W., Sripetchwandee, N., Tuanrat, W., Budda, D., BUDDA, D.,... , Songkham, W.(2018). Development of Video Media of School Health Services. Journal of The Royal Thai Army Nurses, 20(1), 293-299, Abstract
Kasatpibal, N., Sawasdisingha, P., Whitney, J.(2016). Innovation of Educational Wound Model for Nursing Students. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 6(9), 101-109, Abstract
Inouye, ่., Lukkahatai, N., Li, D., Soivong, P.(2016). Effect of Wearable Technology on Self-Care Behaviors, Physical Activity and Quality of Life. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 14(), 10-11, Abstract
Pungchompoo, W., Panuthai, S.(2016). Developing of the Learning and Teaching with E-learning Model for Undergraduate Nursing Students in a Gerontological Nursing Course. International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 14(1), 24-24, Abstract
Tungpunkom, P.(2016). Collaboration and Evidence Based Innovation in Asia. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 14(12), 8-9, Abstract
Sethabouppha, H., Skulphan, S., Inthong, S.(2016). Development of the Integrated E-Learning Course for Undergraduate Nursing Students. Journal of Education Naresuan University, 18(3), 1-14, Abstract
Yimyam, S.(2016). Developing Stimulation Model for Training Clinical Skill of Health Science Students. Nursing Journal, 43(2), 142-151, Abstract
Lamchang, S., Kiatwattanacharoen, S.(2015). Effects of Multimedia Materials and Model Practices on Knowledge and Self-confidence in Nursing Practice for Children with Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Among Nursing Students. Journal of Public Health Nursing, 29(2), 29-42, Abstract
Thungjaroenkul, P.(2015). Using LISREL Program in Nursing Research. Nursing Journal, 42(1), 157-161, Abstract
Yimyam, S., Chareonsanti, J., Karnasuta, S.(2014). Development of Multimedia Electronic Book on Basic Knowledge of Breastfeeding for Nursing Students. Nursing Journal, 41(4), 70-82, Abstract
Pungchompoo, W., Panuthai, S.(2014). Developing of the Learning and Teaching with E-Learning Model for Undergraduate Nursing Students in a Gerontological Nursing Course. Nursing Journal, 41((พิเศษ พฤศจิกายน)), 11-25, Abstract
Tung, L., Akkadechanunt, T., Chontawan, R.(2014). Factors Related to Innovation Behavior among Nurses in Tertiary General Hospitals,the Central Region, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Nursing Journal, 41(2), 117-132, Abstract
Thummathai, K., Lasuka, D., Sethabouppha, H., Chanprasit, C.(2013). Internet‐Based Depression Prevention in Adolescents: A Systematic Review Protocol. JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports, 11(6), 197-206, Abstract
Yimyam, S., Karnasuta, S.(2013). Developing a FON CMU Breast Model as a Teaching Aid for Breastfeeding. Nursing Journal, 40(4), 56-67, Abstract
Lamchang, S., Suklerttrakul, T.(2013). Effects of Information Provision via Computer Multimedia on Knowledge and Fear of Hospitalization among School-Age Children with Acute Illness. Nursing Journal of The Ministry of Public Health, 43(2), 150-163, Abstract
Karnasuta, S., Thaiyapirom, N., Klunklin, P.(2012). Development of a Multimedia Electronic Book on Infant Massage for Infant Caregivers in a Child Study Center, Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University. Nursing Journal, 39(2), 28-37, Abstract
Viseskul, N., Suwan, N.(2012). Effects of Using an Internet-Based Program for Promoting Healthy Eating Behavior among Early Adolescents. Nursing Journal, 39(2), 88-100, Abstract
Namprom, N., Soontornchai, P., Woragidpoonpol, P., Suklerttrakul, T.(2011). The Development of the Online Collaborative Database System for Storing Newborn Data Sets. Journal of Health Sciences, 20(1), 70-80, Abstract
Indarangkura, A., Chaiwuth, S., Pitchayametathun, K., Karnasuta, S.(2011). Effectiveness of E-learning Program on Self-confidence of Exercise Teaching for Pregnant Women and Satisfaction of Self-learning among Nursing Students. Nursing Journal, 38(1), 52-61, Abstract
Chaiwuth, S., Parisunyakul, S., Baosoung, C., Sanglee, K.(2011). Development of a Computer - Assisted Instruction Program on Labor Progession. Nursing Journal, 38(3), 10-19, Abstract
Viseskul, N., Fongkaew, W., McGrath, B., Tonmukayakul, O.(2010). An Internet-based program to promote healthy eating behavior among Thai early adolescents. Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences, 9(2), 201-215, Abstract
Sanglee, K., Srisawang, J., Chaiwuth, S., Baosoung, C.(2010). Development of Computer-Assisted Instruction Program Entitles " Conduct of Normal Delivery" for Nursing Students. Nursing Journal, 37(1), 15-25, Abstract
NAMAKANKHAM, A., Skulphan, S., Viseskul, N.(2009). Construction of Computer Assisted Instruction Program in Health Counseling. Nursing Journal, 36(2), 14-23, Abstract
Viseskul, N., Aree, P., Tuntisirintra, L., Suwan, N.(2004). ผลการใช้คอมพิวเตอร์ช่วยสอน เรื่อง การจัดท่านอนและการเคลื่อนย้ายผู้ป่วยที่มีต่อความรู้ของนักศึกษาพยาบาล. Nursing Journal, 31(1), 32-37, Abstract

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