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Global Connections

The 8th Hong Kong International Nursing Forum 2018 International Council on Women’s Health Issues Congress (ICOWHI)

Welcome to  Professor and Researcher from University of Texas at Dallas, USA.

International Week and 40th Anniversary Celebration of Chengdu University

Welcome to Delegation from UNFPA Thailand CO and Representative of Malaysia

2018 Peking University International Nursing Conference

20th Anniversary of the Nursing & Health Science Journal

Special Lecture on "Quality Assessment of Qualitative Research Papers: A Skillful Reading of our Own Mind and the Mind of Others"

Welcome to faculty member and students from the Kobe University, Japan

Handed out certificates to faculty members and students from Ishikawa Prefecture University, Japan

MOU with University of Nursing (Yangon) at Ministry of Health and Sport, Myanmar

Handed out certificates to students from Taipei Medical University

Handed out certificates to students from Kunming Medical University 

Delegates from Kagawa University, Japan visit the Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University

Handed out the certificates to faculty members from Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Welcome to Delegation from UNFPA Thailand CO and Representative of Malaysia

Receiving 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award from UAB School of Nursing, USA

Welcome to the executives from School of Health Sciences, Macoa Polytechnic Institute

The 100th anniversary of the Sichuan Vocational College of Public Health and Rehabilitation

Welcome to Chairman of Committee for Nursing Development, South Korea

Welcome to Faculty members from Otemae University, Japan

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