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21 May 2019

Publication: Factors associated with sleep quality of Thai intercity bus drivers

Dr. Jindarat Chaiard and co-authors published an article in Industrial Health (SCOPUS h-index=48)

22 March 2019

Publication: Risk Factors of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Situational Analysis among Perioperative Nursing Staff

Dr. Wanpen Songkham and co-authors published an article in Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand in 2019; 102 (1):33.

07 March 2019

Publication: Networking for local and global change: The Southeast and East Asian Nursing Education and Research Network

Dr. Wipda Kunaviktikul and Marisa Guptarak published an article in Nursing and Health Sciences in March 2019.

06 February 2019

Publication: The challenges of prenatal care for Bangladeshi women: A qualitative study

Dr. M.K. Akter, Dr. Susanha Yimyam, Dr. Jantararat Chareonsanti, and Dr. Sujitra Tiansawad conducted a qualitative study about prenatal care for Bangladeshi Women.

14 December 2018

Publication: Factors influencing sexual risk behaviors among adolescents: A community‐based participatory study

Dr Saowaluck Settheekul study enhances safe sex behaviors among adolescents in Thailand.

13 December 2018

Publication: Situational Analysis: Community Care for Survivors of Stroke and Suggestions for Improving the Provision of Care

Dr Nootchayong Yaowapanon's descriptive qualitative study aimed to analyze the community care situation for survivors of stroke and provided suggestions for improving care

13 December 2018

Publication: Self-Selected and Prescribed Intensity Exercise to Improve Physical Activity Among Inactive Retirees

FON CMU contributes to Dr Zhinan Yang study in comparing the effects of two group-based exercise interventions designed to improve inactive retirees’ physical activity behavior

13 December 2018

Publication: Development of a Clinical Pain Scale for Preterm Neonates

Dr Patcharee Woragidpoonpol developed a new instrument to investigate pain level among the preterm neonates and to examine its psychometric properties.

13 December 2018

Publication: A moral and humanitarian imperative: the protection of health workers in war and conflict

Dr Sue Turale wrote an opinion piece about the lack of accountability for attacks on health workers, patients and health facilities.

13 December 2018

Publication: The Experiences of people in Northern Thailand living with Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Descriptive Qualitative Study

Dr. Patraporn Tungpunkom was a co-author of Ms. Saneh Khunkaew's study on diabetic foot ulcers as a main cause of morbidity related to type 2 diabetes done in in Northern Thailand using descriptive qu ...

13 December 2018

Publication: A causal model for the quality of nursing care in Thailand

Former Master Degree Student Ms. Boonpracom and her FON advisers published a study to test the structure-process-outcome model for quality of nursing care in regional medical centres in Thailand

17 September 2018

Publication: An Exploration of Surgical Team Perceptions Toward Implementation of Surgical Safety Checklists in a non-native English-speaking Country

Dr. Nongyao Kasatpibal's study was done in 33 Thai hospitals to explore the experiences of nurses and other surgical personnel in implementing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist

17 September 2018

Publication: The Effect of Maternal Participation in Preterm's Care and Improved Short-term Growth and Neurodevelopment Outcomes

Dr.Netthong Namprom's study tested the effectiveness of the Maternal Participation Program (MPP) on growth and neurobehavioral development of preterm infants.

17 September 2018

Publication: Parental Acceptance of HPV Vaccines in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dr. Phanida Juntasopeepun's cross‐sectional study looked at the acceptance of HPV vaccination among the parents/caregivers of female adolescents aged 12–18 years from schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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