The Nursing Research Center was established in 2000 to conduct research seminars and to hold annual conferences to share current findings in nursing research. The Nursing Research Center provides research consultation as well as assistance in identifying sources of research funding. It is a resource for community members and academics alike. The center was originally established with support from the China Medical Board, USA.



The Nursing Research Center focuses on developing research capacity through the following activities:

  1. Promote and develop the capacity of faculty and others to develop and conduct research in accordance with FON policy and research ethics.
  2. Promote the involvement and capacity of graduate students in conducting research at FON.
  3. Support teaching and learning methods that incorporate study development and the reporting of findings and can be used as academic service to the community.
  4. Support dissemination of findings nationally and internationally.
  5. Promote research between organizations nationally and internationally.
  6. Function as a central repository for data and innovation in nursing.
  7. Promote the routine development of skills among research staff.

To achieve these objectives, the Nursing Research Center provides the following services:

  • statistical analysis and research consultation for faculty, staff, and students;
  • research instruments available for loan;
  • manuscript and abstract review;
  • work spaces and meeting rooms;
  • trainings in research methodology;
  • IRB services.


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