Student Life

Suan Dok is a vibrant campus filled with activity as it is home to the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai University Hospital and the Faculties of Medicine, Associated Medical Sciences, Dentistry, and Pharmacy in addition to Nursing. This gives students plenty of opportunities to meet and collaborate with students from other disciplines.

There are many amenities aimed at meeting the needs of students. Cafeterias serve delicious affordable food, while cafes, shops, a laundromat, tailor, hairdresser, and a post office cater to other needs. Students who want to fully embrace their university experience can apply for a room in one of FON’s 3 dormitories, though affordable off-campus housing is also available close by.

The Student Activities Unit supports students through arranging on-campus housing, financial assistance, and coordinating social activities.

Student Housing

Safe, convenient, and clean dormitories are available for those who choose to live on-campus in furnished rooms. Within the dormitories, male and female students are located in separate wings. Undergraduates are placed in Dormitory 1 which has rooms ranging from 3-6 people per room. Graduate students are housed in Dormitory 2 and can choose to room alone or with a roommate. Furnished rooms include: bed, closet, desk and chair, telephone, as well as protective mosquito screens and netting. All dormitories have multipurpose rooms for socializing complete with television with satellite reception, as well as other social areas furnished with tables and chairs.  Computers with internet access are available on each floor.  

All bachelor nursing students are housed on the main campus during their first year, which is convenient to their general education classes and providing opportunities to mix with students from other programs. Years two – four are spent on the Suan Dok campus.

Financial Assistance:

-  Government loans for academic studies

-  Emergency micro loans

-  Small scholarships (limited availability)

Student Union

The Student Union plans social activities to help students integrate into life on campus. They arrange for student mentors for new incoming students, student trips, social activities on campus and more. The student union is a great way for students to get to know their classmates and to explore the city outside of the classroom.

Chiang Mai City is only a short ride away, allowing students to easily take advantage of everything the city has to offer: art galleries, music venues, museums, historic and religious sites, sporting events, outdoor activities and more.  Studying at FON will feed your intellectual curiosity, while living in Chiang Mai will expand your cultural horizons.

Student Resources

Living Library

The Faculty of Nursing Library was originally established in 1974, but the needs of FON soon outgrew the small 1-floor library. In 1982, the library moved to a bigger space to accommodate its growing collection. In 2012, the library moved to its current home in Building 2 and was renamed the Living Library. The second floor of the newly renovated space accommodates the over 28,000 books in its collection, along with several thousand electronic media.  The first floor of the library includes a study area where groups of small students can meet or just work together. Group and individual study rooms can be reserved. A multimedia room is also located on the first floor.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is located on the 5th floor of Building 4 and is available for students and faculty members. All computers have internet access and all software programs that students will need for their courses. 

Nursing Learning Unit

This state of the art simulation laboratory is equipped with clinical equipment and adult and child anatomical models to help nursing students practice their skills in a safe supportive environment. 

Photocopy and Printing Services

The bottom levels of all dormitories have shops that provide low-cost photocopy and printing services. 

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