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Postmaster Program

Postmaster Program

The Chiang Mai University Faculty of Nursing Postmaster Program offers qualified candidates the opportunity to develop specialized knowledge in an area of interest. Applicants can focus on gaining expertise in a particular research methodology or pursue a specific research interest. Postmaster placements can be as long as one year. The program's aims are to:

  • Provide specialized knowledge in all areas of nursing and health science research
  • Deepen methodological expertise in quantitative, qualitative, action research, or other
  • Create interdisciplinary and international research linkages and collaborations
  • Mentor the next generation of researchers and educators
  • Complimentary on-campus housing
  • Office space (desk, computer, internet access)
  • Access to on-campus libraries and online libraries
  • Opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, trainings and/or lectures by visiting professors
  • Opportunity to audit classes in the international program

Postmaster Responsibilities

Aside from completing the responsibilities outlined in your research proposal (as agreed upon by your mentor), you will also be responsible for

  • Publishing 1 publication with your mentor

The Post-Master Program is open to applicants who have completed a master program within the past five years and are able to locate to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We will also consider applicants who are interested in partial-year placements in Chiang Mai.

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