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Campus Life

Campus Life

Suan Dok is a vibrant campus filled with many different kinds of activities. It is home to the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai University Hospital and the Faculties of Medicine, Associated Medical Sciences, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, in addition to Nursing. This gives students plenty of opportunities to meet and collaborate with students from other disciplines.

There are many amenities aimed at meeting the needs of students. Cafeterias serve delicious affordable food, while cafes, shops, a laundromat, tailor, hairdresser, and a post office cater to other needs. Students who want to fully embrace their university experience can apply for a room in one of FON’s 3 dormitories, though affordable off-campus housing is also available close by.


NurseCMU provides a diverse range of programs and resources at students’ disposal.  Our goal is to help you make sense of all your opportunities so that you can achieve your highest potential at the university. We are committed to helping you be as successful as possible while you make true meaning out of your CMU experience.


Please let us know how we can help: https://mis.nurse.cmu.ac.th/voc

At the beginning of the first year, students an overview of university life; the rules and regulations mandated for NurseCMU students at the student orientation sessions.  The student orientation program also gives the opportunity to meet the faculty dean, members, and faculties to ensure smooth communication and answer all the concerns, questions, or complaints – such as concerns include class absence, faculty grievance, medical withdrawal questions, and other attendance issues.

Other channels students file grievances are contacting the NurseCMU Connect LINE OA (@nursecmu), academic advisors, or the CMU Nursing Student Union.  Students should be prepared to explain the nature of the grievance, indicate the desired resolution, provide specific information (dates, times, etc.), and/or include supporting documentation (copies of email correspondence, discussion board posts, screenshots, and submission receipts).

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