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Postmaster and Postdoctoral Research

Postmaster and Postdoctoral Research

The Faculty of Nursing welcomes individuals interested in deepening their research skills to apply to our Post-Master or Postdoctoral programs. These programs are designed so that applicants can develop specialized knowledge in an area of interest. Applicants can focus on gaining expertise in a particular research methodology or purse a specific research interest. Postmaster and Postdoctoral placements can be as long as one year.

The aim of these programs is to allow young researchers the opportunity to deepen their expertise, as well as to create interdisciplinary and international research linkages and collaborations and mentor the next generation of researchers and educators.

If you are interested in applying to either of these programs, click on the links below for further information:

Program Alums

Elvira Pértega – Spain
Program: Postdoctoral Fellow
Year: 2017-2018
Research: Restraint Decision-Making in Children’s Psychiatric Care: Addressing the tension between universal standards and placed intuitions

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