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Center for Excellence in Nursing Research

Chair: Asst. Prof. Jutamas Chotibang, PhD, RN  

The Center for Excellence in Nursing Research was established in 2013 as an umbrella organization for the research centers of the FON. The Center was created to promote the exchange of research knowledge and experience between FON researchers and to serve as a central repository of academic nursing data generated at FON.

The Center houses the following research centers:

  • Center for Quality Development in Nursing Education and Innovation: CNEI
  • Midwifery Research Center: MRC
  • Center of Community Health System Development: CCSD
  • The Center for Occupational Health and Safety for Workers in the Northern Region: COHSN
  • Center for Mental Health and Psychiatric Care: MHCC
  • Nursing Policy and Outcome Center: NPOC
  • Center for Research and Innovation in Elderly Care: CRIEC
  • Center for Developing Research on Sexual and Reproductive Health: SH-RH
  • Center of system and mechanism development for children and adolescents care: CdCaC
  • Midwifery Research Center: MRC

The Center for Excellence in Nursing has set the following objectives to cultivate international-level research excellence and quality at FON:

  1. Increase proficiency and competency in research and teaching in nursing graduate programs commensurate with international nursing institutions.
  2. Serve as a hub for quality academic activities and provision of academic services, both nationally and internationally.
  3. Serve as a center for sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, both nationally and internationally, and for developing an evidence base in all areas of nursing.

Through these objectives, the Center encourages research collaboration across centers and increases dissemination of nursing research and best practices. The Center aims to increase publication of research findings in international journals to increase the reach of research findings.

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